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“Since I was a child, I’ve always had extremely dry skin. At first it wasn’t much of an issue but the older I became, the more it started to become visible. My skin would flake and peel in numerous places. However, after using Gretchen Von Thiele Anti-Aging Cream, there was a visible difference. My skin became more hydrated and much smoother. Many people have since been remarking about how my face seemed to glow more. Now, even the flaking has stopped and my skin has returned to normal. GVT Anti-Aging Cream did what it promised and much more.”  – Penny Loo, Age 43

” It might seem strange for a man in his early twenties to be using an anti-aging cream, but it has worked miracles for my face. I used to have a lot of facial scarring due to an unfortunate habit of picking my acne. After trying many creams and even homeopathic remedies, I was ready to give up. Then, someone recommended GretchenVonThiele Anti-Aging Cream to me and I decided there would be no harm in giving it a try. Luckily for me, the cream successfully did what others could not and eliminated all my facial scarring. My face is now bright and clear again. Thanks!” – James Brown, Age 25

“Ever since I hit the age of 30, I’ve been struggling with the issue of wrinkly skin. At first, I thought it was my imagination but it only seemed to get worse as I aged. Then at some point in time, I found out about Gretchen Anti-Aging Cream and wanted to give it a shot. The results were amazing! My skin firmed up and the wrinkles slowly started disappearing. Even my friends have been telling me about how much younger I look now that the wrinkle lines are gone. I feel and look so much better now as compared to last time. Truly, this product has helped improve my skin condition by leaps and bounds.” – Hannah Cunningham, Age 36
“I saw the product being advertised on a women’s magazine. The women who spoke about their success stories enthralled me. Eager to try it on my own body, I started using the cream two weeks ago. That was the most sudden effect I have ever felt. I loved the product so much that I introduced it to my colleagues at work. They cannot thank me enough.”  – Beth M, Age 41

“I’ve always had issues with acne and it didn’t matter what I used because none of it helped. It felt very strange trying out an anti-aging cream to fix acne but by that point in time, I was desperate. Yet, this truly unorthodox approach worked! My acne started to decrease and eventually completely subsided. To add to that, the oily parts of my face became even less oily and the dry spots became more hydrated. My husband and son wouldn’t stop telling me how much more fresh my skin looked after using Gretchen Von Thiele Anti-Aging Cream. Indeed, this product was a blessing in disguise for my skin.” – Diana Rodney, Age 61

“There was never any actual problem with my skin in general. Just that many said it seemed kind of dull and had a lack of sheen to it. This seemed to cause me to have an overall sallow complexion. One day, I stumbled upon GVT Eye Wrinkle Cream by chance. Since I figured I had nothing to lose, I decided to try it out. Then slowly but steadily, I started to notice a change in my face. My eyes started to sparkle much more and this in turn brightened up my whole look. Many others even started to remark on how fresh I’ve been looking everyday. The GVT Eye Wrinkle Cream is definitely an investment to make for your skin care regime. Tammy Buckelew, Age 52

I’m in my second year of university and as such, undergo a lot of stress. I stay up late most nights to complete projects so I don’t have much time for sleep. As a result of this, I began to develop dark circles as well as puffiness under my eyes. This affected my overall look and I started to become slightly self-conscious of it. Even after trying most of the common off the shelf brands, the dark circles and puffiness remained. A friend recommended that I try the GretchenVonThiele Eye Wrinkle Cream and all I can say it that I have no regrets. My dark circles are now gone and the puffiness has subsided as well. On top of that, it has a nice, cooling sensation, which causes the eyes to feel very comfortable. As a plus, the skin under my eyes is also very smooth and has a glow now.” Shawn Ooi, Age 26



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